Monday, December 2, 2013

I Didn't Know - Fresh Fruit and Veggies


How they affect you: Conventional wisdom says that reaching for nature’s bounty in the produce aisle is the best way to stay healthy. And while fresh produce should always be included in a healthy diet, digesting raw fruit and vegetables can be difficult for people with sensitive GI systems. Raw produce has high amounts of insoluble fiber, which move quickly through the intestinal tract and can result in loose stool, diarrhea, gas and bloating.

What you can do: Cook your veggies and, whenever possible, your fruit. “Cooking helps to break down some fiber in produce, allowing it to be digested more easily, limiting gas and bloating that can occur when eating raw produce,” says Palinski-Wade.

Below are the suggestions I found on a site called Summer Tomato.  Go to that site and you'll be able to learn the benefits of these suggestions.  I found the author's comments not only helpful but also quite interesting.

1. Chew thoroughly

2. Take smaller bites

3. Don’t get too full

4. Eat balanced meals

5. Increase vegetable and fiber intake gradually

6. Experiment with probiotics

7. Soak your beans

8. Eliminate wheat

9. Eliminate dairy

10. Avoid fake sugars

11. Reduce fresh and dried fruit intake

12. Use medication
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