Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Buy - Mushrooms

Grown in houses, cellars, or caves, mushrooms are available the year round in varying amounts.  Most come from Pennsylvania, but many are produced in California, New York, Ohio, and Illinois and other States.

We usually describe mushrooms as having caps - the wide portion on top, gills - the numerous rows of paper thin tissue seen underneath the cap whenit opens and a stem.

When buying look for young mushrooms that are small to medium in size.  Caps should be either closed around the stem or moderately open with pink or light-tan gills.  The urface of the cap should be white or creamy - or light brown from some producing ares.

Avoid Overripe mushrooms (shown by wide-open caps and dark, discolored gills underneath) and those with pitted or seriously discolored  caps.
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