Thursday, April 4, 2013

Super Seeds

(Family Circle 2/13)

Chia Seeds – dating back to the Aztecs, these tiny seeds are rich in omega-3s and may help alleviate hunger.  Add whole to cereals, baked goods and smoothies.

Flax Seeds – also packed with omega-es, they have a mildly nutty flavor that’s well suited to blending (into other foods).  Always grind before using or buy already ground – whole seeds are hard to digest.

Hemp Seeds – Similar in taste to sunflower seeds, these contain all the essential amino acids, making them an ideal protein source.  Sprinkle whole on yogurt, cereal or salads.

Sesame Seeds – deliciously crunchy and mildly sweet, sesames are high in magnesium, copper and calcium.  Try in stir-fries and coatings for fish or chicken or toss with cooked rice or steamed veggi
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