Monday, March 18, 2013


'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' is a phrase that has been around for years.  But... with all the many varieties out there, which one do you choose?  Maybe this will help.

According to the U.S. Apple Association, these are the top 10 varieties of applies produced in this country.

1.  Red Delicious - full flavored, sweet taste and crisp texture.  Best for fresh eating and snacks.
2.  Golden Delicious - Smooth, sweet taste and tender texture.  Best for eating raw; cutting up in salads; and making applesauce, cider, pies or other desserts.
3.  Gala - Crisp and snapp with mellow sweetness.  Best for fresh eating or in salads and sauces.
4.  Fuji - Sweet-tart flavor; stays crisp for weeks.  Good all-purpose apple that's best for fresh eating, salads and applesauce.
5.  Granny Smith - Crisp with sour apple flavor.  Good all-purpose apple.
6.  McIntosh - Juicy with lightly tart flavor and fresh apple aroma.  Excellent in applesauce, civer and salad or for fresh eating.  Also used for pies.
7.  Rome - Mild, sweet flavor and firm texture.  Most popular for baking.
8.  Ida Red - Tangy-tart flavor.  Favored for sauces, pies and desserts.
9.  Jonathan - Juicy flavor with a spicy tang and tender texture.  Use for fresh eating and cooking.
10. Empire - Sweet-tart taste and extra crisp.  Use for fresh-cut slices, candy and caramel apples, and baking.  Excellent lunch-box snack.
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