Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Hot Dog Cookbook Co-Author Announcement

Everyone has been waiting for my announcement of who my co-author for the upcoming Hot Dog Cookbook will be.  Well, the wait is over.  Meet Toddster the Hot Doggster
Todd is one of the greatest hot dog lovers I've ever met! 
He has hot dog socks.
Hot Dog Trucks
Hot Dog Scooby
And even Hot Dog Pens
And these are just a few of the items in his collection.  
How did we meet?  Toddster the Hot Doggster wanted to know when I planned to write a cookbook about hot dogs.   I had no plans but then ask myself - 'Why not?'  There are cookbooks about everything else.  So I told Toddster the Hot Doggster that if he was willing to join me in this venture we would create a cookbook highlighting an individual hot dog as well as a hot dog restaurant for each state in the US.  Thats all it took to get his excitement boiling and our plans in motion. 
So, what does Toddster the Hot Doggster do when not collection hot dog items?  Read on and you'll find out.
Todd MacIsaac (Producer/Creator)
Exec. Producer · 1997 to present

Producer/Virtual World Liaison TODD MACISAAC (Co-Producer/Co-Creator/Virtual World Liaison) After obtaining his degree in Digital Media from Full Sail in 19...97, Todd worked in Independent films (industrial commercials) and also worked in production for the Orlando Predators, an indoor arena football team. In 1998 Todd MacIsaac began exploration of emerging online social networks including ICQ, MSN messenger and AIM which allowed people to chat live real time anywhere in the world through text.Then with the unveiling of Skype, vocal real time chat came to life.Todd has witnessed the growth and development of the Internet as a communication and collaboration tool. He became involved in a Live Non Profit Interactive Educational TV Broadcast group that designs curriculum for interactive shows intended for classrooms nation wide. In early 2000 Todd joined one of the first online 3d virtual worlds called "Worlds.com." This Multi User Virtual Environment (MUVE) hooked MacIsaac with its power in connecting people globally instantly live in a 3D environment. Today, Todd continues to explore the different forms of social media including the current media phenomena of FaceBook, Second Life, MySpace, Blue Mars,There.com and Kaneva amongst others. He realized early on the potential and the power of the new medium of communication in connecting people across the globe. He sees the lasting value to the ever evolving, always shifting means of communication and the results that can be obtained through the incredible medium of the Internet. To that end, in 2006 Todd co-founded Vircon, a virtual content company that sought to bridge and merge the virtual and the physical worlds by exploring the growing movement linking education and digital media interaction/entertainment. Todd is applying and putting into action the resources and networks and vast experiences from his digital media background and immersion in social medias as well as MUVEs in his partnership with Lytle and Becker.
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