Sunday, March 22, 2015

Handicap Parking

Almost every morning I go to my favorite restaurant for breakfast and normally sit in the same area so I can get one of my favorite waitresses.  This area is near the front of the restaurant and puts me in view of the parking lot, mainly the handicap parking.  There are 3 spots clearly marked that they are for the handicap and even marked with a fine if violated.  Do people honor this?  NO!

I have rods in my back and multiple back problems.  I was given a 6 month handicap sticker but I don't use it unless I'm in terrible pain and if I'm in terrible pain I seriously doubt that I would be out unless it is at the doctor's office.

As I sit in my favorite seat I watch those 3 parking spaces fill up.  As soon as one car leaves another pulls in.  It appears to me that most of these vehicles are large trucks, SUVs and vans.  What I seldom see are people getting out of these vehicles with walkers, canes, wheelchairs nor any other handicap devices.  What I do see are younger people, middle aged people, and most commonly, overweight people of all ages get out of these vehicles.  They have stickers that they place on the mirror or lay on the dash but if they are handicapped or have a passenger that is handicapped it isn't apparent.  What I also see are elderly people coming across the parking lot in wheelchairs and on walkers. Some have parked way down at the end of the parking lot and even though they ARE handicapped, they don't really seem to mind the walk. These are the people who should be parking in these special spots for these special people.

I know that there are times that I would love to use my sticker, especially when it's raining or cold outside, but I refuse to.  I want to see these spots used for those who REALLY need them.  I hope you all agree with me but I'm sure there are many who won't.  At least I've gotten a little of this off my mind.
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