Saturday, January 26, 2013

Is it Turkey or is it Filler?

I'm working on a new recipe and needed a few slices of thick turkey as one of my ingredients.  I went to a grocery store near my home and saw that they had turkey on sale for $6.99 lb.  Whow!  That would work perfectly.  I told the girl how thick I wanted it sliced and she said to me "you know it's 16% meat" and walked away to fill my order.  I looked at the woman standing next to me and said "what did she just say?"  She repeated that the girl had said "you know it's 16% meat" and this was said as a statement, not a question.  The woman said she had no idea what that meant and neither did I.  I started looking for the girl that was waiting on me and when she showed me a slice to see if it was thick enough I ask if I had heard her correctly.  She affirmed that I did.  I then asked what was the other 84% of what I would be buying.  She said "fillers" and held up the slice and pointed out a few little specks about the size of your little finger and stated that those specks were real meat, being turkey.  FILLERS!  I told her very quickly I refused to pay $6.99 for Fillers!  This is supposed to be the top grocery store in Charlotte and this is their own store brand.  How can they call a slice of 'stuff' from the deli 'meat' if it has only 16% meat and the rest fillers which when I asked what exactly was a filler I was told by-products!

So, if you buy deli meats, ask the clerk how much of it is real meat and how much is 'Filler' before buying.  You can bet I will from now on.
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